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Fresh Solutions Group embarking on new ventures

They have a comprehensive network that covers Australia, the USA, South America and Asia with both import and export activity involving a very wide range of fruits and vegetables. The company motto: Fresh thinking...fresh produce...fresh solutions... encapsulates everything the business is trying to achieve.

Adam Leslie, Director of Global Procurement, Business Development and Sales for Fresh Solutions Group, has extensive experience in the import arena, and has a firm belief that the company's imports are, in part, driven by the multicultural nature of Australia, which makes for a broad spectrum of culinary tastes.

Fresh Solutions Group has an ethical approach to their imports, striving to ensure that they do not clash with local production.

Adam explains, "As a general rule we aim to be clear of any seasonal crossover to ensure Australian growers are never impacted. For example, we finished lemons this season slightly earlier than planned because of the flood devastation in Queensland, to ensure domestic producers did not have to compete against imported product. Obviously with the markets being so high at the time, this was not financially the smartest decision, but ethically it was."

The company also takes seriously the threat of biosecurity incursion, working closely with all government agencies to ensure imports are safe to be brought into Australia. This attention also extends to their quality control processes and Fresh Solutions Group have a number of safety and quality systems in place.

Adam says, "The majority of the company’s export goes to Asia and Papua New Guinea, and as of this year, the USA. We are incredibly excited about two new joint ventures within Asia that will further enhance and promote Australian produce, and will be equally complemented with our global supply base."

"We see a huge opportunity in the development during the California table grape season of new flavour profiles and characteristics of proprietary varieties this coming season. The Australian consumer is now demanding bigger, stronger flavours and greater quality in terms of extended shelf life. With the leading retailers setting such high standards for suppliers and producers to meet, this will not only benefit consumers in quality and value but also promote fresh produce sales as a whole," Adam said.

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